Stunt Trainee Application

If you are interested in attending one of our training sessions, you must first fill out the application below.

Important Information Regarding L.A. Stunts Training Center Policies

Please read before submitting your application

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a follow-up phone call or email with next steps. If you are not accepted, we will let you know the reason for our decision.


L.A. Stunts Training Center does not provide refunds for tuition paid, including partial deposits. Students who need to reschedule for any reason will not receive a refund, but will get full credit for their payment, no exceptions. Any deposit or tuition payment can be applied in full to any future training session. If an applicant has paid tuition, but does not reschedule their training session with L.A. Stunts within 30 days of cancelation they will forfeit any tuition paid.


In the case of force majeure events, such as natural disasters, fire, government issued restrictions or regulations, COVID, etc., L.A. Stunts may be forced to cancel or reschedule training sessions for the safety of its participants. If this happens participants will be informed via phone call, text, and email, and will be rescheduled for the next available training session at the participant’s convenience.


SAG-AFTRA membership is not required to participate in the Stunt Boot Camp program, but trainees must be a miniumum of 18 years of age if they are not SAG-AFTRA members. Exceptions are made on an individual basis if the applicant has sufficient athletic background and training and is at least 16 years old.


L.A. Stunts, LLC reserves the right to exclude any applicant who the management feels is not suitable for the mentally and physically demanding training offered in the L.A. Stunts training sessions or a career as a stunt performer. All training program participants must be in good to excellent physical condition and mental health.


All training participants or their guardians are required to sign a comprehensive liability waiver prior to participating in the course and participants need to provide their own health insurance.


Lodging, travel, and meal expenses are not included. Ask us about special rates at nearby hotels. There are also a number of excellent Air BNB options nearby. L.A. Stunts is not responsible for finding, arranging, or in anyway providing housing to its students.


Lunch is provided only on days when class is in session.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants can be provided with a graduation certificate from the L.A. Stunts Training Center. Stunt performers in the United States are not certified by any governing body.


Acceptance into a L.A. Stunts training program and successful completion of a course does not guarantee employment as a stunt professional.

Final workshops: Aug. 12 & 13.